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Welcome to Aoe2Sheet!

The info sheets posted here are a labor of love with the goal to replicate the Age of Kings Manual with more detailed information. Any feedback is welcome, feel free to make an issue or pull request on GitHub. You can also find the editable source files there.

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For WololoKingdoms, this option is available in the installer ("Improve tooltip and tech tree descriptions")

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Rise of Rajas

The info sheet is updated for Patch 5.8

Age of Conquerors

Example Sheet

A detailed explanation how the Unit sheet should be read


A few notes on the tech overview:

Techs that some civilizations are missing are in the main table, techs that all civilizations get in a secondary table underneath. Not mentioned are basic/unupgraded units that every civ gets (militia, archer, siege tower, battering ram etc.).
Also: Stable, Scout (+Knight for AoC), Scale/Chain Barding Armor are noted as available for every civ (or not mentioned to signify the same thing), however mesoamerican civs don't get these for obvious reasons